Hall L3300

Hall. Not a free-standing washbasin but a reinterpretation of a column-base washbasin. A center hole grazes the matericity of the
ceramic, connecting it to the ground. A hole as soft and sinuous as a drop of water that breaks on a surface. Hall is an intelligent ceramic
washbasin with all the features needed for installation in any home, whether a new-generation construction or a renovation. The rectified
rear face makes it easy to position against the wall; the fixture respects all the installation regulations currently in force. The bowl mirrors
the characteristics of the washbasin: the surface of the washbasin is pulled into its interior, like a drop of water. This movement makes
it possible to place the drain off-center in order to hide the siphon and permits installation of the taps and faucet directly on the upper
surface of the washbasin. Hall is also available in a two-color version with black interior hole. Dimensions: 85 x 58 x 40 cm.

Code: - L3300