Look Kstone Bath

The award winning show stopping Look bath is 1800 x 800 and has a tempered glass sides and a Kstone body.
k| stone is a high quality composite solid surface material developed by knief & co., the leading German bathroom equipment manufacturer. by its chemical composition, k | stone is a natural mineral aluminum tri-hydrate powder mixed with acrylic-modified polyester resin. the addition of different natural pigments allows this material to be available in numerous colors and effects. resistance to all sorts of chemical and physical influences, as well as its completely impermeable surface make this material the first choice for interiors when hygiene and neat design matter the most. the material has many advantages:by using different grinding media with different grain sizes the gloss level of the surfaces can be adapted to your desired degree. despite its resistance, k| stone is easy to mill, cut, drill or grind. like this,
individual lettering or logos can be milled into the material. besides acrylic, k | stone is perfect for combination with other materials.
whether it is glass, for example with our new models look or duo, wood, plexiglass or non-ferrous metals the diversity is huge. k| stone is not only applicable in the sanitary sector. also kitchens, laboratories, shops or other design projects provide a perfect space for application.
There are numerous possibilities, let your imagination run wild. k| stone is pure quality, 100% made in Europe.

  • waterproof: corrosion or swelling due to steam or moisture is not possible.
  • 100% impact and shock resistance
  • 100% hygienic
  • non-porous surface
  • chemical resistant
  • completely homogenous
  • thermoformable
  • Tempered safety glass
  • pleasant to the touch
  • easy to repair and care
  • flame and heat resistant
  • Stock: - This item is specially made in Germany, there may be a 3- 5 week lead time

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